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Are you a bird lover? Have you ever been a geese breeder? What do you call them when they gather in a group? Are you in the mistake of calling them just as Geese? No, they have many other collective names. Do you know what they are?


You can solve all these queries by reading this article.

What is a group of geese called?

Basically, geese are known by different names. A flying group of geese is called a skein, and on land or in the water they are famous for gaggles. There are some other collective names such as flock, team, plump, and wedge. Baby geese are called goslings.

Geese belong to the family of ducks. It is difficult to identify them when they are young because they all look the same. You can find them by their long neck, and large size.

Geese make groups for special purposes as they work as a team in a group. They help each other and communicate to encourage other members.

To know everything about group of geese just keep reading with us.

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Do Geese Live in Groups

Of course, geese are extremely social birds.

They always like to live in groups. The basic reason behind grouping is to protect the whole family. Each group has one or two guards to keep the predators away from the other members while they feed. They rotate their guarding duty.

They are talented fliers who can fly thousands of miles during migration. They migrate annually in the shape of the alphabet “V”. In this way, the geese in front will reduce the air resistance for the geese coming behind. It will help the birds to fly above about 70 percent farther as a group than they fly alone.

If you want to raise geese at home, take a hatching egg incubator and make your own farm.

3 Common Collective Nouns For Geese

Whenever a goose joins a group, it becomes a family. They do amazing actions while flying in a group or gathering at land. What do you call them when they form a group?

We have a recommendation for it. Let’s read out the three most common names used for the geese group.

Gaggle of Geese

The most common name given to this amazing creature is a gaggle. Do you know why geese called this name?

A group of geese known as a gaggle because of their place. When they gather in groups on land, they are called a gaggle.

This group often makes very noise and looks in a disorder form. A gathering of a gaggle is also seen on the water. It is a medieval hunting term.

There are no authorized numbers about gaggle members, but there are at least three geese in this group.

Flock of Geese

Ever wish to see a flock of geese…

But how do you know it’s a flock? Don’t worry!

I will explain…

When geese of the same-gender make a group, it may be called a Flock of geese. Generally, large groups are considered as a flock. There are more than four members of this family.

Flock means to move together in a group. So it is suitable for geese as they fly together. Flock also made up of domestic geese.

Team of Geese

Another most common collective noun for the geese group is the Team of Geese.

Believe it or not… Geese are expert team workers.

They fly in a v-shape and indicate how they work as a team. The bird at the front helps the other to fly longer distances by flapping its wings.

If anyone separates from formation, it is difficult for it to take the advantage of uplift. So, it tries to join the group again.

When the leader of the team gets tired, the other member takes its place, and the first one moves back to the formation.

The whole team encourages the leader to maintain speed. They also support their weaker person. Because of all these characteristics, they are called a team of geese.

3 More Collective Nouns For Geese

Fortunately, Geese are gifted with more collective nouns. Some of them are the most common as gaggle and flock. Others are also in use but many people do not know more about them.

Here are more collective names that are also attached to the group of geese. These are listed below:

Skein of Geese

The flying group of geese is called Skein of geese. Originally, “Skein” means a thread or a yarn. So, the term referred to geese due to their length of grouping. They look like a long piece of wool flying in the sky because of their efficient and orderly lines.

Plump of Geese

The plump is used as a round and chubby shape. When many geese flying together closely, that group is called the plump of geese. There are at least three members in this family. When they fly very closely, they form a fully rounded shape.

Wedge of Geese

A group of geese flying in a formation is called a wedge. It may be in V or J form but it is not necessary. Mostly the V-shape of geese is called echelons. Sometimes they also fly straight in a line.

What is a Group of Baby Geese Called

Have you ever seen a group of baby geese swimming on water?

What do you call them?

Simply, young birds are called goslings before nestling. They are known so before hatching and protected by mother until they will be able to fly. After puberty, they are called geese.

Goslings cloddish birds, their large eyes, soft feathers, short wings, and squeaking calls make them famous among breeders. Some bird lovers raise them as a profession or just as a hobby.

It is a lovely sight to see many babies walking on land with undeveloped feathers.

It can be challenging to identify goslings among young waterfowl as they have the same appearance before maturity. You can distinguish them from ducklings by their long neck, large size, and triangular bill shape.

Parents are very aggressive to their chicks so avoid going near as it could stress the young one. Do not feed them bread if you visit them in local parks. Feed them with this starter grower for healthy growth.

Funny Names For Goslings

Baby geese are the cutest creatures and when they waddle around with their webbed feet, they imprint mother feelings on your heart. If you have some goslings of your own from hatching, you must think about giving them a name.

What do you call them?

Don’t worry!

There is no lingual police to arrest you for calling them funny names. Here is the list of names you can choose for your geese babies.

  1. Fluffy
  2. Grubby
  3. Beetle
  4. Buddy
  5. Wiggles
  6. Waddles

Why Group of Geese Called a Gaggle

After knowing the collective names of geese, you will be surprised why a group of geese called a gaggle?

We will try to satisfy you with this short answer.

Originally, a gaggle is known as “terms of venery” but it is used for a particular group of birds that waddle on the ground.

A group of geese called a gaggle because they become noisy and rowdy when getting together. They referred to this term only on the ground.

When they are flying they are referred to as skein.

When you see them you can feed them with this layer pellet for geese.

How Many Geese Are There in a Gaggle

Having info about the group of geese, you definitely want to know about the exact numbers of geese in a group.

Actually, there is no specific number of birds in a group. It may start with three members and increases with time.

If you see them around a pool, they may be up to 25. When they take a flight, they are only thirteen in number. The numbers depend upon the leader who chooses to carry.

As the leader carries the weight of the skein, so too much increase in numbers will crash the group.

The numbers in gaggles increase as more birds join the group.

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5 Amazing Facts About Geese

It is fascinating to learn interesting things from nature. We can find some basic principles of teamwork and growth in nature. We often see animals, birds, and insects work together for some common purpose.

Are you curious to know the reason behind geese V-Formation while flying?

Here we will uncover some interesting facts related to this type of flight.

  1. In V-formation flight, they add 71 percent more flying range than a single bird flight. Each bird flaps its wings to create an uplift for the birds coming behind. They discovered that they can reach their destination quickly by using this method. In this way, they expend low energy for a long flight.
  2. If a goose falls off from its group, it soon realizes that it needs more effort and energy to fly. In groups, they can take advantage of the uplifting power of the bird from the front. So, the goose tries to go back immediately and join the group again.
  3. Another fact of making a group is that when the leader gets tired, it goes back into formation. Another bird takes the place of the leading bird and flies at the point position. So, each bird plays the role of a leader and no one gets a burden. As a member of a team, they share responsibilities of leadership.
  4. In this formation, the following members encourage the geese in front to keep up their speed. They support them while staying behind. They communicate with each other during the flight to increase the will power of the leading bird.
  5. When a goose gets wounded or becomes sick, two birds leave the group formation and follow it to help and protect. They stay with that bird until it is able to fly or dies. Then they fly to join another group formation.

So, it is understood that geese work together to care for and assist each other. Their teamwork teaches us a lot. You can attach a deadly decoy feeder head to trap them.

Related Questions

What is The Difference Between a Flock and a Gaggle?

A flock consists of a large number of geese that gathered for the purpose of migration and a gaggle is the group of geese on the water or on the land.

What is The Flying Formation of Geese Called?

A group of geese takes a flight in V-formation that indicates their teamwork. This formation improves their energy efficiency.

What is The Flying Group of Geese Called?

The group of geese flying in the sky is known as a skein.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have reached the final stage of what do you call a group of geese? Hopefully, you are now familiar with this strange bird.

Strangely, the unique formation of geese shows a great lesson. They are a big example of teamwork. They fly together to protect each other from predators.

In many countries, geese hunting is illegal so you can see them swimming freely in lakes or fly in the sky.

Expectedly, your curiosity about geese groups is over now because we have covered all possible group names. If you know something else don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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