The Desert Trail from Twentynine Palms, California (2024)

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The Desert Traili

Twentynine Palms, California

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Waver says sipping cup of tea want her to be an icon because that would make her so unapproachable that filmmakers would be afraid to attempt other movies with female protagonist And I strongly want to encourage more movies with female protag onists 1 do understand why the character is so important to young women In the first film they essentially took a part and made it into a part with out apologizing or giving her some hideous scene in the mid dle of the movie where someone explains that she really that tough that she has to act tough because an orphan and really all soft and cuddly inside they let her be the woman she is and what made her so unique why little gjrls like Winona had posters of her in their Sigourney Weaver was bom 48 years ago as Susan Weaver into a show business family the daugh ter of former NBC Resident Sylvester Weaver and British actress Elizabeth Inglis She took the name Sigourney from a character in The Great SfflOg Check $2600 Eleefrieal Tuns up Air Conditioning Heating Brake Repairs for your Auto Truck RV Appointments: Monday thru Saturday No accepting dtoekt VISA MasterCard ATM cards i I i unadorned very liberating' i AIVOXOPE SUNRISE TOURS EZ3 After earning her undergrade I with a small juicy part in the ate degree in English from Allen film Arnie Had I ler first Stanford Weaver got her I starring role was in Ahm and she from the Yale School of Drama I was nominated for an Oscar in She knew she wanted to be an I the sequel Aliens 'lUo more norn actrcss but she was not quite I inations came for Gordias in the sure what kind of actress she I Mist and Harting Giri wanted to be I In the latter film directed by was never very I Nichols Weaver played a sup shc says think that maybe I porting role to Melanie Griffith was too much of a snob to want I which was considered a bold something too much Maybe 1 I move for an actress accustomed thought it was vulgar to be ambi to starring roles tious I "I never saw it as the reason my Weaver said was a logical goals were extremely modest I move to me It was Mike Nichols would have liked to be a serious I it was a comedy and it got me stage actress but it is very diffi i back from the gorillas cult to be a serious stage actress i look for good writing and visionary direc tors I look ar a script and try to decide whether I want to be a part of this project or not" Weaver interrupted her film career to raise her daughter but then got back into it with a vengeance Alone the way she played opposite Mei Gibson in The Yearof living Dangerously wrestled with Bill Murray and the gang in two Ghostbusters movies appeared as the first lady with Kevin Kline in Dave and even took a shot at serial killer movies in Copycat play the Hollywood game very well but I really think playing the game helps you very much" the New Yorker says adding why I don't believe in campaigning for parts I really believe that parts come to you in some mystical way People hire me for reasons they might not understand They just want me for the part loved getting back into skin" Weaver says find her so inspiring good company When I play her I get to go to absolute neutral which is unusual for any actress I have to worry about looking good or anything else that other actresses have to worry about when they play their characters Ripley is so strong and All Laughlin Turnarounds $10 7304 Pioneertown Rd Yucca Valley 365 0933 lit in '1 ww I W' jmiltrMu 1 ST.

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The Desert Trail from Twentynine Palms, California (2024)
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