The Best Places to Buy Custom Jeans Online (2023)

The Best Places to Buy Custom Jeans Online (1)

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to slip into a pair of jeans and discover that they are the perfect fit—like, made just for you kind of fit—then you have an idea of how amazing it feels to own a pair of custom jeans. Designed specifically for your body shape and size (as well as your fabric and wash preferences), custom-made jeans are the slow fashion answer to finding your favorite pair of jeans, once and for all.

According to Kathryn Rogers, a Grand Couturier at House of Klynn, which specializes in made-to-order couture clothing, custom-made jeans are also a good investment for your wallet and the environment. “If you take care of them, you will increase their lifespan and save natural resources,” she explains. This is a fantastic way to address the waste caused by the fast-fashion industry, as well as invest in a pair of jeans that are made to last you for years to come (aka, you won’t need to purchase a new pair every season).

If you’re ready to give personalized denim a try, we’ve got you covered with the best places to buy custom jeans online. To find the best quality options, we conducted hours of research, evaluating our choices based on their pricing, ease of selections, and material. After considering dozens of options, we landed on these picks.

Sene Studio

The Best Places to Buy Custom Jeans Online (2)

If you’re looking for the best place to buy custom jeans online, Sene Studio is where it’s at. Navigating custom clothing orders online can be tricky, especially if you don’t have experience. Sene Studio’s website and design center make it so easy to order a pair of custom jeans—almost as easy as ordering a pair of ready-to-wear jeans. First, you choose between two styles, the True Jeans and Air Jeans, then you select your desired fit. From there, you select your preferred denim wash (just like you would for a ready-to-wear pair). Next, you select your rise and length, following Sene Studio’s easy-to-follow guide, followed by your measurements (if you don’t know your measurements, you can take the Smart Fit Quiz). Once you have everything inputted, you check out and wait for Sene Studio to create your dream pair of jeans.

In addition to making a pair of high-quality jeans, Sene Studio offers custom jeans at more feasible prices, has a fast turnaround time of two weeks, and offers complimentary alternations and remakes if you aren’t happy with the way your jeans fit (and, if you’re still not happy, you have a whopping 60 days to return your pair). Prices start at $149, which is comparable to many denim brands, making it all the more worth it to invest in a pair of custom jeans.

Price: Starting at $149 | Shipping Policy: Jeans are made and shipped in 2+ weeks of purchase | Return Policy: 60 days, plus complimentary alterations and remakes if you aren’t happy with your fit.


The Best Places to Buy Custom Jeans Online (3)

Another great custom jean company for your radar: Unspun. The brand offers eight jean styles (plus shorts), all ready to be customized for that fits-like-a-glove feel. Unspun’s website is one of the easier custom clothing sites to follow, too, making ordering a breeze. To create your custom jeans, start by selecting your preferred style from the brand’s collection, then choose either the “masculine” or “feminine” fit in your desired wash. From there, you’re directed to a product page that looks similar to a ready-to-wear page, where you select your thread color, waist rise, and length. Once you select all of your specs, click add to cart and checkout. After checkout, you’ll be prompted to share your measurements for the best fit.

On top of their custom jeans offerings, Unspun is also committed to more eco-friendly practices. Custom jeans are already a sustainable approach to fashion, but Unspun takes it up a notch with a commitment to sustainable practices. The brand is focused on reducing waste through localized sourcing, low-impact fabric, and zero inventory to one day become zero waste.

Price: $215 | Shipping Policy: Jeans are made and shipped out within 3-4 weeks of purchase | Return Policy: If you experience fit or quality issues, you can request alterations or return your jeans within 100 days of receiving.

Neems Los Angeles

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Neems Los Angeles is another custom denim company we love. At under $200, the brand offers custom-fit jeans at a price point competitive with some of our favorite designer brands. To customize a pair of jeans through Neems, click the “Customize” link in the directory. From there, you’re presented with an easy-to-follow product page, where you make all of your custom selections. You choose your style, rise, wash (this brand offers black and white washes!), if you want them with or without stretch, length, and pocket depth. Then, add the jeans to your cart and checkout. Once your order goes through, Neem walks you through how to take and share your measurements in order for them to design the best-fitting jeans for you.

Price: $199 | Shipping Policy: Jeans are shipped out within 2-3 weeks of purchase. | Return Policy: Try your jeans for 14 days, if you aren’t happy, you can request alterations or return them for a refund.

Make Your Own Jeans

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If you want to purchase a pair of custom jeans without breaking the bank, Make Your Own Jeans offers custom denim starting at $69. If you’ve ever ordered a pair of custom Vans sneakers, the process is a little similar. You start by choosing a style from the brand’s offerings, then click the “Customize” button on the product page. From there, the website walks you through a series of custom features—including fly, buttons, pocket lining, thread color, and back pocket style. For extra money, you can also add on a custom label and have your initials embroidered on the pockets. Once you add them to your cart, you input your measurement details, click checkout, and you’re done!

Price: Starting at $69 | Shipping Policy: Jeans are made and shipped between 2-4 weeks | Return Policy: Free remakes for first-time buyers

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Tailored Jeans

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Tailored Jeans is one of the more robust custom jeans retailers online. The company allows you to customize everything from style to fabric to loop designs. On top of that, you can even customize your finish with the addition of distress and whiskers. To create custom jeans through Tailored Jeans, go to the brand’s custom jeans page and begin by choosing your fabric. Next, click the dropdown for the rise and waist and make your selections. Continue down the list with the fit, fly, loop, and pockets. Finally, choose whether or not you want whiskers and distress, click add to cart, and check out.

Price: Starting at $78 | Shipping Policy: Jeans ship between 6-10 days after purchase | Return Policy: No returns

Meet the Expert

  • Kathryn Rogers is a Grand Couturier at House of Klynn, a made-to-order couture label.

What to Look For in Custom Jeans


If you want a specific fit, Rogers says to look at the leg shape to ensure you get a pair you love. “Shape of the leg is what gives you the different types of fits,” she explains. When in doubt, you can always pull out a favorite pair of jeans from your wardrobe and check the fit style so you know for sure what you love.

Rise and Length

Similar to shopping for ready-to-wear jeans online, looking at the jeans’ rise also matters. “The rise is the distance from the crotch joint to the top of the waistband,” Rogers explains. “That means you’ve got both a front and back rise,” she adds, noting that the back rise of jeans is typically curved.

Length is also important to consider, as it can make or break a fit. For a more traditional fit, Rogers says to go for a pair of jeans that ends right where the ankles and feet meet when worn without shoes. However, you can also go for a cropped or floor-length pair of jeans for something a little more trendy.


“Jeans are traditionally made from 100 percent organic cotton, known as rigid denim,” says Rogers. However, stretch denim has become a go-to fabric for many fashion designers and customers alike. “The advantage to stretch denim is in the way it contours to the curves of the body and complements your silhouette,” Rogers notes. When it comes to fabric choice, it’s up to personal preference and what is available through the designer.


  • How much do custom jeans cost?

    The price of custom jeans ranges. Many custom jeans prices start between $450 and $800 and can go up from there. But, you can find some at more affordable price points, such as the $150 custom jeans at Sene Studio. “Spending a little more money for better denim is worth the cost because they will not lose their shape and will wear better,” says Rogers.

  • Are custom jeans worth it?

    According to Rogers, custom jeans are worth it because “you receive a perfect fit from hip to ankle,” as well as a style that feels unique to you and your body shape. Additionally, custom-made jeans tend to have a longer lifespan and are more durable compared to fast fashion options, so you’ll get a ton of wear out of a custom pair of jeans.

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