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Sinclair Oil is a century-old energy company fueling America’s road trips and everyday journeys with over 1,600 independent Sinclair-branded stations across more than 30 states. A subsidiary of HF Sinclair (NYSE:DINO).

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Sinclair Oil Corporation (2024)


What happened to Sinclair Oil Company? ›

In 2022, Sinclair Oil joined with the former HollyFrontier Corporation to become HF Sinclair (NYSE:DINO).

What was the Sinclair Oil scandal? ›

Scandal. Harry Sinclair's high-profile image as a reputable American business leader and sportsman came into question in April 1922 when The Wall Street Journal reported that, Albert B. Fall, the United States secretary of the interior, had granted an oil lease to Sinclair Oil without competitive bidding.

Is Shell and Sinclair the same company? ›

Sinclair controls every aspect of its shell companies' operations and keeps all of the profits. “Sinclair also claims that it's adding jobs, but the company has a long track record of laying off workers and cutting the number of staff at its stations.

Is Sinclair owned by ARCO? ›

BP had drilling rights near the discovery well. ARCO acquired Sinclair Oil Corporation in 1969, but later divested certain Sinclair assets during the mid-1970s, resulting in Sinclair returning as a private company.

Who owns Sinclair Oil now? ›

In August 2021, HollyFrontier announced the acquisition of Sinclair Oil.

What family owns Sinclair Oil? ›

Sinclair Oil was acquired in 1969 by the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), and in 1972 ARCO sold its assets to PASCO. PASCO then sold all the assets to Earl Holding in 1976. The Holding family continues to own and run the business today, under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Ross Matthews.

How many refineries does Sinclair own? ›

HF Sinclair operates seven complex refineries with an annual average crude oil capacity of approximately 678,000 barrels per day. Our refineries can process heavier, less expensive types of crude oil and still produce a high percentage of gasoline, diesel fuel and other high-value refined products.

Are Sinclair gas stations still around? ›

Sinclair Oil is a century-old energy company fueling America's road trips and everyday journeys with over 1,600 independent Sinclair-branded stations across more than 30 states.

Why do Sinclair gas stations have a dinosaur? ›

But where did he come from? Sinclair's advertising writers first had the idea to use dinosaurs in Sinclair marketing back in 1930. They were promoting lubricants refined from crude oil believed to have formed when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Is Sinclair a top tier gasoline? ›

Sinclair with DINOCARE® is a registered TOP TIER™ gasoline that satisfies the requirements of today's most advanced engines. Learn more about TOP TIER Gasoline with these resources: What is TOP TIER Gasoline? Study shows TOP TIER gasoline worth the extra price.

Does BlackRock own Sinclair? ›

Fintel reports that BlackRock has filed a 13G/A form with the SEC disclosing ownership of 3.53MM shares of Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc (SBGI). This represents 7.7% of the company.

How many stations are owned by Sinclair? ›

The following is a list of stations owned or operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair owns or operates 294 television stations across the United States in 89 markets ranging in size from as large as Washington, D.C. to as small as Ottumwa, Iowa/Kirksville, Missouri.

Where does Sinclair get their gas? ›

HF Sinclair Corporation | Operations - Facilities - U.S. - Casper, WY. The Casper refinery is a 30,000 barrels-per-day facility located in Casper, Wyoming. The refinery primarily runs sweet crude from Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region.

Who bought Sinclair refinery? ›

Upon completion of the transaction, a new company—HF Sinclair Corp. —will replace HollyFrontier as the public company trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

What oil company has a dinosaur logo? ›

The Sinclair Oil Corporation used it in its brand logo starting in 1930, and the “Sinclair dinosaur” became one of the most-recognizable symbols in American business. American film producer Walt Disney highlighted it, along with other dinosaurs, in Fantasia (1940), and a young animated Brontosaurus-like sauropod…

What company owns Sinclair gas stations? ›

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