Pepe: A Comprehensive Guide to What It Is and How It Works (2024)

Memecoins have had an undeniable impact on the crypto world. One standout meme coin that has gained considerable traction in 2024 is PEPE crypto, inspired by the internet sensation Pepe the Frog. This guide will delve into the PEPE crypto, its significance and mechanics. Here’s what you need to know.

Do you want to buy Pepe? Use and test these exchanges

Best for beginners

Pepe: A Comprehensive Guide to What It Is and How It Works (1)

Explore Coinbase

on Coinbase’s official website

Supported assets250+

Deposit fees0

Trading fees0.00%-0.001%

Best for security

Pepe: A Comprehensive Guide to What It Is and How It Works (2)

Explore Kraken

on Kraken’s official website

Supported assets120+

Deposit fees0

Trading fees0,02%-0.05%

Best for staking

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Explore OKX

on OKX’s official website

Supported assets300+

Deposit fees0

Trading fees0.10%

Our methodology for selecting the top platforms to purchase and store PEPE

The methodology for selecting the top wallets and platforms to store and purchase PEPE was meticulous, assuring only the top of the line selections made the final cut. All were tested over a six month period, with the information fact checked, and peer reviewed. Some of the qualifications for the top wallets and platforms included, availability, safety, user-experience, and features outside of regular use. These selections reflect the wallets and platforms that met the top marks for the options on the market.


• Coinbase: Coinbase is a U.S. based broker that is publicly traded and regulated by the government. It has a reputation for compliance.

• OKX: OKX is offers a proof of reserves and two safety funds to give customers assurance of solvency and safety.

• Kraken: Kraken is a U.S. based exchange that pioneered publishing proof of reserves and is known for its advanced trading features.

Hot Wallets

• Coinbase Wallet: Coinbase wallet is a non-custodial wallet that has wide support for the Ethereum ecosystem, but also supports other assets.

• Zengo Wallet: Zengo wallet has become popular for its enhanced security measures and account protections including facial recognition technology.

• OKX Wallet: OKX wallet has enhanced security features and also gives you access to the exchange associated with the wallet.

Hardware Wallets

• Ledger: Ledger has a reputation as the top of the line hardware wallet with Bluetooth capabilities and an associated app.

• Trezor: Treasure is popular for its advanced security, encryption techniques, and wide support for crypto assets, particularly Ethereum centric assets.

• SafePal: SafePal is a mobile friendly hardware wallet, has a browser extension, supports NFTs, and has an associated app.

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In this guide:

  • Our methodology for selecting the top platforms to purchase and store PEPE
  • What is PEPE?
  • What are the unique features of PEPE?
  • How does PEPE operate?
    • What’s the best PEPE wallet?
    • PEPE’s roadmap
    • What is the future of PEPE?
    • Frequently asked questions

    What is PEPE?

    PEPE, alternatively referred to as $PEPE, is a meme cryptocurrency. Memecoins are known best for their whimsical origins and the strong community surrounding them. Notably, memecoins have no inherent utility behind them. Hence, they rely on their cultural and viral appeal to attract investors and users.

    To understand PEPE and its significance, we must first revisit the meme’s origins. Cartoonist Matt Furie introduced Pepe the Frog in his 2005 comic “Boys Club,” and since its debut, the character has evolved into an internet meme. While the PEPE crypto has no formal relations with Furie or the original Pepe the Frog, the memecoin used Pepe imagery to build a committed community quickly.

    PEPE launched in mid-April with an attractively low price and an abundant supply of 420 trillion, referencing cannabis culture’s 4/20, added to the allure. For many, PEPE represented a refreshing departure from incessant updates on crypto regulations and market shifts during the cold grip of the bear market.

    $PEPE will melt faces in the next bull run 🐸

    — Vladdy (@VisualsVlad) November 2, 2023

    The enthusiastic community backing has prompted lively debates about bull markets, price surges, and trading volumes.



    What are the unique features of PEPE?

    Similarly to other memecoins, a robust crypto community sustains PEPE crypto. This plays a pivotal role in determining its success. PEPE’s dedicated membership comprises over 100,000 token holders.

    Pepe: A Comprehensive Guide to What It Is and How It Works (4)
    • No tax policy: Distinct from many memecoins, PEPE uniquely implements a no-tax policy. This policy eliminates transaction fees on buying or selling the token, ensuring a cost-effective experience for traders and increasing PEPE’s appeal.
    • Burning mechanism: A small percentage of tokens burn with each transaction, incrementally reducing the total supply. This intentional decrease can boost the crypto’s value.

    How does PEPE operate?

    PEPE is an ERC-20 token with a deflationary model introduced on the Ethereum blockchain. It operates under the security of the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, with decentralized validators staking 32 ETH to facilitate transactions and maintain the network’s integrity.


    Pepe: A Comprehensive Guide to What It Is and How It Works (5)

    The project’s website provides a comprehensive overview of PEPE’s tokenomics, offering insights into its supply and distribution. Notably, PEPE has a circulating supply of 417,481.33 billion and a max supply of420,690 billion.

    A significant portion, precisely 93.1% of these tokens, has been allocated to the liquidity pool, with LP tokens being permanently removed from circulation and the contract renounced.



    The remaining 6.9% of the supply is securely held within a multi-signature wallet, designated exclusively for future use in centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools. This wallet is easily traceable through the ENS name “pepecexwallet.eth.”

    Additionally, PEPE implements a redistributive system wherein a fraction of each transaction is distributed to current token holders. Moreover, this system not only encourages user engagement but also fosters sustained investments, with rewards geared towards long-term stakers.

    What’s the best PEPE wallet?

    Your PEPE wallet should be a secure central hub for managing and protecting your crypto. Coinbase Wallet, Zengo Wallet, and OKX Wallet are all solid options for safely and securely storing your PEPE. If you are looking for a hardware option, Ledger, Trezor, and SafePal are all leading options.

    PEPE’s roadmap

    Although the team playfully claims to have no concrete plans, they have actually established a set of expectations outlined within three distinct phases of their roadmap.

    Pepe: A Comprehensive Guide to What It Is and How It Works (6)



    PEPE’s roadmap outlines its journey in three phases. The first phase has already been accomplished, with the coin stealth-dropped, creating a buzz on social media platforms, and listing on significant exchanges. Moreover, PEPE also surpassed its initial target of one thousand holders.

    Phase two, known as “Vibe and HODL,” is currently underway, with several objectives already met. These include forming community partnerships, gaining listings on centralized exchanges, initiating a newsletter, and establishing a private Discord server exclusively for token holders.

    The third phase of the roadmap aims for even greater success. It involves becoming listed on tier 1 exchange listings, launching Pepe tools and Pepe Academy, and focusing on surpassing bitcoin’s market dominance. The ultimate goal is to gain one hundred thousand users.



    What is the future of PEPE?

    PEPE’s journey exemplifies the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the crypto space. For early buyers, PEPE crypto has been extremely profitable. But much like other memecoins, the future of the crypto is uncertain. If you want to buy PEPE, ensure you understand the risks involved. Always have a comprehensive strategy in place, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is PEPE a good investment?

    Investing in PEPE comes with significant uncertainty, much like other meme coins. Its value and future are largely speculative and subject to market sentiment. While it has garnered attention and built a community, it’s crucial to be cautious when considering meme coins due to their inherent risks.

    Where can I buy and trade PEPE?

    Since it’s an ERC-20 token, you can easily purchase PEPE through popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as Uniswap. It is also on several exchange platforms including KuCoin, Huobi Global, and OKX.

    Is PEPE considered an NFT?

    PEPE is characterized as a meme coin and is not an NFT itself. However, there is a collection of Rare Pepe NFTs, comprising 36 series with 50 Pepe images each, exhibiting varying levels of rarity and supply. The first Rare Pepes were mined on the Bitcoin blockchain in September 2016 and released on Counterparty.

    Who created the concept of PEPE?

    The concept of PEPE was created based on the Pepe the Frog meme and was launched in April 2023. It was popularized by a Twitter account which has now been identified as Zachary Testa.

    What happened with PEPE?

    In April 2023, PEPE emerged as a popular meme cryptocurrency, attracting a strong community following and active trading. However, its fortunes took a downturn due to problems involving a substantial token transfer, resulting in a token burn and the introduction of new advisors.



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    Pepe: A Comprehensive Guide to What It Is and How It Works (2024)
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