PBR Future Games: Team Missouri Preview (2024)

From July 27th to July 30th, the Prep Baseball Report staff will host the PBR Future Games at the state-of-the-art LakePoint Sports Complex in Emerson, Georgia.

This one-of-a-kind event will feature the best uncommitted Class of 2024 prospects and select 2025 prospects from our 40-plus state coverage area and Canada. In years past, more than 330 college coaches from all over the country were in attendance.

Each state's team will play three games. On Wednesday, the first day of the event, all position players will be put through a showcase workout in which they will run 60s, take batting practice and be evaluated defensively at their primary position. For more information on the event, click HERE.

You'll find some helpful links to follow along with Team Missouri below:

Per usual, Team Missouri is represented positively and this year's roster is shaping up nicely, similarly to year's past. Continue reading to for brief nuggets and videos on the 21 prospects who will don Team Missouri's jersey next week.


Mason Beno SS / Parkway West, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 27 / POS: 5

From 6/27/22: "...showed real two-way intrigue at this event, looking the part on both sides of the ball. Beno’s left-handed stroke repeated line drive contact across the yard and the ease in which he operates suggests there’s more untapped juice in his bat. He’s always looked the part defensively too and was up to 89 mph across the diamond with clean, sure-handed actions. Beno was the first arm to toe the rubber during gameplay and didn’t disappoint, pumping his fastball up to 88 mph with a firm 74-76 mph tightly spun slider that averaged 2,469 RPM."

Jackson Carter OF / Fort Zumwalt East, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 26 / POS: 6

From 6/27/22: "... was going to dart his way to a state-high 60-yard dash entering the event and the 5-foot-11, 158-pound incoming junior delivered. Carter ran one of the fastest 60s we’ve seen to date, darting his way to a lightning quick 6.41 time on our lasers. It's a game-changing type of speed that, coupled with a short quick right-handed stroke, elevates Carter’s floor and ceiling in one. Defensively, Carter worked swiftly around the baseball to release and his hardest bullet registered at 88 mph."

Carter Cox LHP / Fort Zumwalt South, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 31 / POS: 7

From 6/7/22: "...6-foot, 185-pound strike-throwing southpaw that attacked hitters during the gameplay portion of the event. Fastball pitched in the low-to-mid-80s with above-average spin traits, averaged 20.6 inches of vertical carry. Threw three secondary pitches for strikes."

Kaden Durnin RHP / Camdenton, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 23 / POS: 5

From 5/29/22: "...strong, physical 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame with plenty of physical projection left to come; looks the part. Has bumped his fastball into the upper-80s, more to come. Developing feel for secondaries, has flashed aptitude to spin in the past. A high-ceiling arm to note in Missouri's 2024 class."

Jackson Glueck 1B / Staley , MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 16 / POS: 1

From the KCPI: "...6-foot, 212-pound physical left-handed hitter that slotted into the middle of a talented Royals Scout Team lineup. Covers the plate on the barrel and with confidence, will work to all fields and controls the strike zone. Handled velocity well. Will be a high-follow bat for Team Missouri at the Future Games."

Grant Hollister 3B / Blue Springs South, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 6 / POS: 1 OverallRank: 402 / POS: 32

From 7/6/22: "...Hollister is another high-end prospect in Missouri’s 2024 group on this Royals Scout Team, slotting just outside the top-400 nationally for his class. He packs a punch from a 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame, flashing juice off the barrel from a long right-handed stroke that keeps his barrel in the zone. Hollister’s a sure-handed defender at third base with a strong, accurate arm across the infield. The Blue Springs South standout represented Team Select at the Future Games last year as an underclassman, and he’ll make the trip back to LakePoint again later this month with Team Missouri."

Dalton Hosack LHP / Holt, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 40 / POS: 8

From 5/29/22: "...is another name-to-know, as the 6-foot-1, 205-pound sturdy southpaw touched 85 mph with his fastball and spun two different breaking balls for strikes."

Brady Kehlenbrink LHP / Parkway South, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 22 / POS: 6

From 7/25/22: "...was a standout at the St. Louis Top Prospect Games event in late June at the plate, showing all sorts of athleticism and upside at the plate while homering during the event's gameplay portion. Recently hopped on the mound at the Super 16 and pumped his fastball at 85-88 mph, showing feel for both his secondaries and punching out 12 batters in a six-inning shutout."

Chase Lasater C / Wentzville Holt, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 30 / POS: 3

From 2/5/22:

Positional Profile: C
Body: 5-11, 195-pounds. Physical and stocky build.
Hit: LHH. Starts with an open stance an upright posture with hands working to shoulder height. Strong load into the back leg. Utilizes a leg kick stride with good balance and control. Hands shoot quickly into position at the top of the leg kick. Lower half works short and linear through the zone into a firm front leg. Hands work rotationally through the zone with a strong top hand finish. Pull side approach with a slight uphill bat path. Shows good overall bat speed.
Power: 89.2 max exit velocity, averaged 79.6 mph. 326’ max distance.
Arm: RH. C - 70 mph. High 3/4 arm slot with a short and quick arm action.
Defense: Receives the ball with one knee in the dirt and glove working up to the ball. Methodical footwork out of the crouch on throws to second with good direction of the body. Throws had good carry and accuracy to the bag. Shows good blocking posture with quick hips.
Run: 7.82 runner in the 60.

Jordan Martin SS / Jefferson City , MO / 2025

Rankings StateRank: 7 / POS: 2

From 7/6/22: "...Martin’s been a winner thus far into 2022, popping to our scouts in the high school season and impressing yet again at the Top Prospect Games: Underclass event on June 7th. He flashed upside at the plate, utilizing his long, lanky 6-foot-4, 190-pound levers to whip balls off his barrel at various times throughout the weekend. Martin’s ultimate upside may lie on the mound, however, where he attacked hitters with an 85-88 mph fastball from a higher slot and spun a tighter, shorter wrinkle breaking ball around the zone. Martin will represent Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games at the end of this month, and he’s one of the higher ceiling prospects in Missouri’s 2025 class."

Brady Picarelli OF / Eureka, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 10 / POS: 2 OverallRank: 491 / POS: 76

From 6/27/22: "...continued to prove why he’s one of Missouri’s top prospects in the state’s 2024 class at this event. Picarelli’s physical stature at the plate is noteworthy, as he stands at 6-foot-2, 185-pounds with room for added strength and development. He ran a 6.76 60-yard dash at that size and clobbered baseballs in BP, peaking at 96.9 mph and 343 feet, per TrackMan. Picarelli smashed a baseball over the right field fence in his first at-bat during the gameplay portion of the event, translating the pull-side power we had seen two hours earlier almost immediately. Picarelli’s upside at the plate is a middle-of-the-order type masher at the next level."

John-Paul Sauer RHP / Jackson , MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 14 / POS: 4

From 7/5/22: "...sturdy 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame. A top-15 prospect in Missouri’s 2024 class that played up an age level throughout the weekend with GBA. Showed feel for a quality four-pitch mix that included a mid-to-upper-80s fastball, topping at 89 mph. Has displayed advanced pitchability in front of our staff for some time now. Will represent Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games this summer."

Xander Schmitt C / Lafayette, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 24 / POS: 2

From 6/7/22: "...displayed explosive athleticism and wiry strength in multiple areas of his game, emerging Tuesday as arguably the day’s biggest winner. At 5-foot-11, 173-pounds, Schmitt ran one of the day’s fastest 60-yard dash times (6.68), which is especially impressive given his position. He blasted the day’s hardest (101.5 mph) and furthest (386 ft.) balls in BP, respectively, averaging 90.8 mph off the barrel with repeated juice to the pull-side. His loud tools translated to the field, where Schmitt exploded out of the crouch for 1.86-to-1.94 pops and an 80 mph high to the bag. Schmitt’s an arrow-up prospect in Missouri’s incoming junior class that’ll certainly generate buzz throughout the summer."

Brodie Short UTILITY / Lutheran St. Charles, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 37 / POS: 1

From 6/7/22: "...was another name that took an eye-popping round of BP from the left side. Short, who stands at 6-foot, 202-pounds, generated easy juice off his left-handed barrel, averaging the day’s furthest batted distance (303 ft.), peaking at 341 feet. Short’s hardest batted ball (96.9 mph) and his average exit velocity (88.1 mph) both finished second amongst all hitters at this event. He showed his physicality in-game by punishing a hanging slider with authority the other way for a standup double. Short’s certainly capable of slotting into the middle of an order at the next level and hitting for impact."

Timothy Teixeira RHP / Liberty, MO / 2024

From 7/6/22: "...Teixeira's been somewhat of a pop-up prospect thus far into the summer, catching our attention at the Super 17 and showing even louder stuff in his start on Friday. The 6-foot-1, 206-pound sturdy right-hander filled the zone up with a mid-to-upper-80s fastball, peaking at 89 mph from a true ¾ slot with upper-quadrant life at times. Teixeira spun a sweeping slider that plays well off his fastball, working from a similar arm angle. His power stuff is certain to generate some buzz throughout the summer and Teixeira’s an arrow-up prospect in Missouri’s incoming junior group."

Kenton Unruh OF / Staley, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 8 / POS: 1 OverallRank: 449 / POS: 65

From 7/6/22: "...ranked nationally in the 2024 class, Unruh has shown our staff loud raw strength in previous looks, and he juiced several balls that confirmed that throughout the weekend. Built at a strong 6-foot, 185-pounds, Unruh generates bat speed from the right side and scolds balls off the barrel, doing so twice in the same game on the tournament’s first day. He’s run as fast as a 6.81 60-yard dash previously while also peaking at 86 mph from the outfield. Unruh remains a top uncommitted prospect in Missouri’s incoming junior class and he’s set to represent Team Missouri at the Future Games at the end of this month."

Caide White RHP / Republic, MO / 2024

From 6/19/22: "...tied with the aforementioned Coleman for the day’s hardest fastball at 88 mph, also sitting at 86-88 mph with his heater. The 6-foot, 195-pound White ran a 7.05 in the 60-yard dash and recorded a 91 mph max exit velocity, too."

Ashton Williams RHP / Kennett, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 12 / POS: 3 OverallRank: 469 / POS: 136

From Missouri '24 Rankings: "...some of the loudest physical tool set guys in the state. Williams is a RHP/OF comes in with a 6.7 60, 105 mph exit velo (TrackMan), throwing velo 90 mph and plus bat speed. On the mound his FB sits 84-87 mph with a change and a late breaking slider thrown in the mid 70's."

Eric Williams SS / Fort Zumwalt East, MO / 2024

From 6/16/22: "...played a major role in the Lions’ state run this spring and recently stood out as a winner from the Top Prospect Games: Underclass event. Williams’ flashed the potency attached to his right-handed stroke in BP, finding the barrel to all fields and in all quadrants of the zone while reaching a 93 mph max, averaging 86 mph of the bat. He started his round by squaring his first few balls up to the pull-side, including a high-and-in pitch that he comfortably stayed inside of, and shifted to working the other way with authority towards the end. Williams continues to prove he’s one of the state’s most physical right-handed hitters and there’s certainly an arrow-up next to his name at the moment."

Lukas Wilson SS / Staley, MO / 2024

Rankings StateRank: 15 / POS: 4

From 7/6/22: "...Wilson is one of the top bats that Missouri’s 2024 class has to offer, as a strong, well-proportioned switch-hitter that repeats from both sides of the plate. He represented Team Select at the Future Games last year as an underclassmen with athletic actions on the infield that’ll keep him up the middle down the road. Wilson will be making the trip back to LakePoint this summer as a member of Team Missouri’s squad."


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