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Lasagna is one of Italy’s most famous pasta dishes, and one that has become a favourite across the world! When one thinks of lasagna, we think of warmth, comfort and of course delicious layers of cheese. With its rustic tomato meat sauce, cheese and pasta layers, pairing it with a perfect red, or white wine would elevate this dish to create a memorable dining experience. The cheese in this dish and the meat sauce would pair well with wines that are full bodied and with high acidity to cut through the tomato acidity and the richness of the dish we all love.

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Wine Characteristics To Pair With Lasagna

NotesRed and Black Berries, herbs

Best Red Wine to Pair With Lasagna

The richness, creaminess of the cheese topping and ricotta layer, the aromatic herbaceous notes of the Italian seasonings (such as basil, oregano, Italian parsley, etc.) the acidic tomato sauce and the meat all make this a very strong tasting and bold dish. So you will need to choose a wine that would complement these notes, while also having the intensity to match the boldness of this Italian favourite. Here are a few of our favorite red wines to drink with lasagna.

Chianti Classico

This is a classic pairing with lasagna due to its complementary profile to many classic Italian pasta dishes. Sangiovese is the main grape in this wine, and it has red fruit notes and tomato-leaf notes with hints of Italian herbs. With the lasagna’s herbs and tomato components, this wine would match perfectly. Chianti Classico is known to have high tannin and acid levels, which would cut through the richness of the dish plus bind to the protein in the meat to result in a smooth palate-cleansing result.

Brunello di Montalcino

This is a wine made from 100% Sangiovese and is aged longer than Chianti Classico. Although it is also from the Tuscany region of Italy, it has a slightly different flavor profile but also complements lasagna tremendously. The longer aging requirements of this wine would bring on the more spice notes in this wine, which would highlight the spices in lasagna. The high acid and tannin levels, savoury herb and tomato-leaf notes will pair nicely as well just like Chianti Classico. If you are looking for smoother tannins and more of a dried fruit profile, this wine would pair beautifully!

Barbera d’Alba

This is a wine from the Piedmont region of Alba made from Barbera grapes. This would be an excellent choice for lasagna since its red and black fruit notes (such as cherry, strawberry and blackberry) has the intensity to match that of this dish, and it is known for high acidity and medium tannins. It is a more approachable option compared to Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino with its less bracing tannins and can be more of a crowd pleaser. Its high acidity also is refreshing when paired with a rich dish such as lasagna, and its floral notes of violet and lavender will highlight the spices in the dish.

Nero d’Avola

This is a prized wine from Sicily with notes of black cherry, black plum, prune and baking spices. Like many of us who enjoy fuller bodied wines from time to time, this would be an excellent option to enjoy with lasagna without overpowering it. This wine boasts of high alcohol levels with high tannins which will stand up to the bold flavors and richness of this dish. Although Puglia has a warm climate, this wine is fermented to dryness which makes it food friendly!


This is a young and delicious Italian red that pairs well with most tomato-based pasta dishes that is sure to enhance your dining experience. Although it is dry, its name means “little sweet one” in Italian and is also from the prized Piedmont region of north-west Italy. Its wide variety of fruity notes of blueberry, blackberry, red cherry and almond will pair beautifully with the wide variety of flavors that lasagna offers.


Look for a dry Amarone to pair with your lasagna (some may be off-dry). This wine is special because it is made from partially dried grapes which results in higher tannin levels, bold fruit flavors and full body. The boldness of this wine and the dish will surely not overpower each other. This wine also has high acid which makes it a great food wine, especially great to pair with a dish that is rich with meat and cheese. Amarone is a rare high quality wine that also has savoury Italian herb notes, much like Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino, which make it an excellent complement to the dish. This pairing is a must-try!

Best White Wine to Pair With Lasagna

There are many Italian white wines to choose from that will pair beautifully with lasagna to elevate your dining experience. Many Italian white wines are high in acid and have herbal and savoury components that will complement the herbs that are often used in many lasagna recipes. Look for higher quality examples that will have more intense characteristics that will balance the strong flavors of lasagna. This will create the balance needed for a great wine and food pairing. These are some of our favorite white wines to drink with lasagna below.

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This sparkling wine from Lombardy is one of the wines that are the pride of Italy. It is nothing short of exceptional quality and usually is less expensive than Champagne at the same or higher quality level. Even with the lightness of a sparkling wine, it has an intensity that will match that of the dish. It’s high acid and bubbles will lighten up the dish’s richness and is most often dry making it a great pairing. Also, sparkling wine is always fun and a way to make a rustic dish such as lasagna elevated to a special dining experience!

Vermentino di Gallura

This wine is considered to be one of the best expressions of Vermentino in the world. It has fruity notes of citrus and stone fruit, with delicious salinity that complements the saltiness of the cheese and meat sauce. Its high acidity of this wine also refreshes the palate after each bite!


Soave is a dry, fruity light bodied wine that is known to be great to pair with Italian pasta dishes. Look for a high-quality aged Soave which boasts of high complexity and intensity (around 5 years of age). The wine has notes of honey, fennel, almond and preserved lemon. The high acid level of this kind of wine makes it a great food wine to pair with a rich dish such as lasagna!


This wine made famous in the Marche region of Italy, is known for its herbal and citrus notes with high acidity. The herbal notes will highlight the herbal basil and oregano notes of lasagna, while the acidity will clear the palate to be ready for more!


Orvieto is a delicious wine that also pairs well with Italian dishes. Choose a higher quality option if possible, which will have a complex flavor profile of green apple, lemon, peach, minerality, white blossom and almond. The intensity and wide array of flavors match those of lasagna so as to not overpower each other and thus creating a beautiful balance (and several different potential combinations). This wine also will have high acidity to pair well with lasagna’s bold flavors.

Best Wine To Drink With Lasagna

As we can see, there are endless possibilities to pair with this very popular Italian dish. Since lasagna is widely available at most Italian restaurants, try a different wine each time! The best ones to choose in our option are listed below.

  • Chianti Classico
  • Brunello Di Montalcino
  • Nero d’Avola
  • Franciacorta
  • Vermentino di Gallura

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