Jean Trends 2024: Which Jeans Are In Style? (2024)

Universally wearable, jeans come with the promise of versatility and offer more mileage than practically anything else in your wardrobe. You can vamp it up, dress it right down, and always feel relaxed and confident. Jeans will always be a winning bet, but like anything in fashion, variations on classic designs come with each changing season. So what jeans are in style in 2024?

Jeans trends for 2024 offer some unique and noteworthy looks, and while denim is utilitarian, it’s time to have some fun. There are new washes and waistlines, silhouettes and stylish cuts. Another reason to get excited is that denim is now incorporated into many other wardrobe staples, so mixing and matching is a breeze.

10 Top Denim Trends 2024 You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

There are plenty of styles worth investing in, whether you love wearing denim outfits with statement tops or keeping the combination simple and understated. While trends come and go, you’ll find some jeans trends in 2024 that you can’t wait to try on.

1. Loose, Long & Retro

If you’re a fan of tried and tested classic jeans, denim trends for 2024 will have you hooked. Try the slightly retro, looser, and longer silhouette for one of this season’s sought-after looks.

High-waist and wide-legs are back on all the runways and provide maximum impact. Keep your vibe classic and pair them with simple knits, tops and tees, and minimalist accessories.

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2. Sophisticated Subtle Flares

When you want to elevate your look, go for elegant flared jeans which look equally casual and stylish. They’re a polished take that can seamlessly transition from work to weekend leisure. Cropped flares are also big news for jeans trends in 2024. Opt for pairing them with a chic trench coat, slingbacks, cropped top, and white sneakers when it’s time for lunch dates.

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3. Perfect Pleated Fronts

When exploring what jeans are in style 2024, remember to look at the high-rise denim styles with pleated waists. Fitted at the top and flatteringly flowy on the legs, these jeans have a fluid silhouette with a really elegant appeal. They’re a great choice when you want to dress up and perfect for styling with slim bodysuits, corsets and bralettes.

4. Grungy Casual Cargos

Utilitarian wear has made a significant comeback, not least the iconic, bold cargo pant. This year, they’re much more feminine but still have the oversized silhouette that’s made them so popular. So when you’re wondering what jeans are in style 2024, they’re also available in denim. Breezy and ultra-loose, these hybrids are a go-to with kitten heels, sandals and sneakers.

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5. Streetwise Barrel Legs

For what jeans are in style in 2024, think of cool updates and colour washes for your favourite straight-leg jeans. Pair these with plain or graphic tees and an oversized blazer for shoes to wear with straight-leg jeans; try sneakers or loafers for an on-trend street vibe.

Barrel or balloon legs are creating a new silhouette. This design bows out at your knee and cinches back at the ankle. An acquired taste, they look great in retro washes and high-rise designs, so team them with crops and tucked-in tops, boots or pointy-toe flats.

6. Revamped Stylish Skinnies

Skinny jeans don’t seem to be going anywhere, but this year’s jeans trends for 2024, include new ripped designs, high waists and cool black denim. If you love the look, you can update it with everything from slits and fabric panels to cut-outs and corset waists. No longer just wardrobe basics, choose your style and add oversized tops that highlight all your best features.

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7. Two Tones & Colour Block

This season, denim is going darker, with indigo washes and subtle shades of bleached black and grey. It’s a perfect choice to add a touch of goth or an edgy look with metal hardware and distressed details.

Denim trends in 2024 also include two-toned, colour-block jeans, an adventurous choice. The design contours your legs, creating a longer, slimmer silhouette that can look amazing. Play with the illusion by keeping your top and accessories minimal and chic.

Jean Trends 2024: Which Jeans Are In Style? (5)

8. Split Bottom Hems

Another fab jeans trend for 2024, the split hem, has finally evolved to denim. It creates a wonderful silhouette and provides an on-trend alternative to the trusty bootcut. They’ll show off your ankle boots or strappy heels with the same kick style and a slimmer fit. So let them take centre stage for a glam look, or go for added cuteness with chunky loafers or street sneakers.

9. Relaxed Big & Baggy

Regarding what jeans are in style in 2024, rise points are on the move, and there’s no wrong or right. It’s about finding the right style for you and what makes you feel great. Low-rise and mid-rise styles are here to stay, but now they’re available in a wave of relaxed fits.

Along with this denim trend in 2024 comes the super baggy jeans trend that’s getting baggier daily. This style fits loosely on the leg and then pools at the hem. Rocking this look means understanding silhouette, proportions, and how to balance it with sleek, fitted tops.

10. Pretty In Pale Pink

Denim is moving into many colours this year, but this beautiful blushing shade is exceptionally on-trend. It adds a feminine, flirty feel to any outfit and moves away from the casual street vibe.

Choose a shade you love, from soft rose to neutral nude, and you’ll really turn heads. When you’re thinking about what jeans are in style for 2024, these are a colour trend must-have.

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What Jeans Are In Style 2024 - Find Out More!

Denim jeans are a blank canvas, making anything and everything possible. That’s the simple beauty of jeans; you can never have too many pairs. If you’re looking for a new way to get your denim fix for this year, check out the collection at NA-KD. You’ll find some of the most noteworthy jeans trends for 2024, along with the best in classic designs and ideas on how to wear bootcut jeans with sneakers, how to wear paperbag jeans or how to wear a blouse with jeans. It’s time to get creative!

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Universally Wearable Jeans

Jeans are known for their versatility and are considered a staple in many wardrobes. They can be dressed up or down, offering a relaxed and confident feel. Jeans are a timeless fashion choice that can be worn in various ways.

Jeans Trends for 2024

The article mentions some upcoming jeans trends for 2024. Let's explore them:

1. Loose, Long & Retro: This trend focuses on slightly retro, looser, and longer silhouettes. High-waisted and wide-leg jeans are making a comeback and are seen on runways. These jeans can be paired with simple knits, tops, tees, and minimalist accessories [[1]].

2. Sophisticated Subtle Flares: Flared jeans are making a stylish statement in 2024. They offer an elegant and casual look that can transition from work to weekend leisure. Cropped flares are also popular and can be paired with trench coats, slingbacks, cropped tops, and white sneakers [[2]].

3. Perfect Pleated Fronts: High-rise denim styles with pleated waists are gaining popularity. These jeans have a fitted top and flowy legs, creating a fluid silhouette with an elegant appeal. They can be dressed up with slim bodysuits, corsets, and bralettes [[3]].

4. Grungy Casual Cargos: Utilitarian wear, including cargo pants, has made a comeback. In 2024, cargo pants are available in denim, offering a more feminine touch. These loose and breezy jeans can be paired with kitten heels, sandals, or sneakers [[4]].

5. Streetwise Barrel Legs: Straight-leg jeans are getting cool updates in 2024. Barrel or balloon legs are creating a new silhouette. These jeans bow out at the knee and cinch back at the ankle. They can be paired with crops, tucked-in tops, boots, or pointy-toe flats [[5]].

6. Revamped Stylish Skinnies: Skinny jeans continue to be popular, but in 2024, they come with new ripped designs, high waists, and cool black denim. These jeans can be updated with slits, fabric panels, cut-outs, and corset waists. Oversized tops can be paired with them to highlight your best features [[6]].

7. Two Tones & Colour Block: Denim is going darker in 2024, with indigo washes and subtle shades of bleached black and grey. Two-toned and color-block jeans are adventurous choices that create a longer, slimmer silhouette. Keeping the top and accessories minimal and chic can enhance the overall look [[7]].

8. Split Bottom Hems: Split hem jeans are a trendy alternative to bootcut jeans. They create a wonderful silhouette and show off ankle boots or strappy heels. These jeans can be paired with loafers or street sneakers for a cute look [[8]].

9. Relaxed Big & Baggy: Rise points in jeans are evolving, and there's no right or wrong choice. Low-rise and mid-rise styles are here to stay, but relaxed fits are becoming more popular. Super baggy jeans are also gaining traction, with a loose fit on the leg and pooling at the hem. Balancing this look with sleek, fitted tops is key [[9]].

10. Pretty In Pale Pink: Denim is expanding into different colors, and pale pink is particularly on-trend. This feminine and flirty shade adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Soft rose or neutral nude shades are also popular choices [[10]].

It's important to note that fashion trends can vary and personal style preferences play a significant role in choosing what to wear. These trends mentioned in the article are just a glimpse of what may be popular in 2024.

Remember, fashion is about self-expression, so feel free to experiment and create your own unique style.

Jean Trends 2024: Which Jeans Are In Style? (2024)
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