Fields Set for Summit Racing Equipment PDRA ProStars at VMP’s PBR Night of Fire (2024)

After eight races of intense competition, racers from several categories in the Red Line Oil PDRA Drag Racing Series will come together this weekend to battle it out for prize money and bragging rights in the series’ all-star specialty race, the fourth annual Summit Racing Equipment PDRA ProStars. Held in conjunction with Virginia Motorsports Park’s PBR Night of Fire on July 13, ProStars is a free-entry, single-day shootout rewarding PDRA’s most consistent racers with more than $70,000 in payouts.

“ProStars is our way of giving something back to the racers who race with the PDRA throughout the season,” said Tyler Crossnoe, series director, PDRA. “It’s an opportunity for them to go racing without the pressure of chasing points and pursuing a world championship. It’s all about having fun, putting on a show for the fans, and hopefully going home with a big check and some bragging rights. The unique format, with one shakedown run and chip draws for pairings, will create some cool matchups. With the level of competition in the series right now, it’s going to be unpredictable from the first round through the final rounds.”

The PBR Night of Fire lineup will also include the PBR-backed Top Fuel dragsters driven by Scott Palmer and Alex Laughlin, a concert by major country music recording artist Tyler Farr, the Larsen Motorsports Jet Dragsters, Rick Ream’s wheelstander, games, and more. The Super 64 Shootout will give local bracket racers the opportunity to race on a big stage as well.

Fields Set for Summit Racing Equipment PDRA ProStars at VMP’s PBR Night of Fire (1)

“We’re thrilled to partner with PBR to help take this event to the next level,” said Crossnoe, who’s also the VP of Virginia Motorsports Park. “Our fans have made it clear that they love Top Fuel, so Scott Palmer is coming in to burn some nitro and put on a show for the Virginia fans with his pair of PBR Teams League Top Fuel dragsters. Alex Laughlin, who’s driven just about anything there is to race on a dragstrip, will be making his return to Top Fuel for a special match race with Scott. Live music is also an important part of the Night of Fire. That’s where Tyler Farr comes in. After an evening full of drag racing entertainment, fans will get to enjoy Tyler’s live concert, all included in one ticket price. It’s going to be nonstop entertainment.”

Drivers earned ProStars points through participation and on-track accomplishments at the last four races of the 2023 season and the first four races of this season. The top drivers in ProStars standings are invited to participate in the event. Alternates are inserted for drivers who cannot attend the event. Participants will get one clocks-off shakedown pass on race day before using a random chip draw to determine pairings.

Like every other PDRA event, the 3.60-second, 200-plus-mph Pro Modifieds in Switzer Dynamics Pro Nitrous and WS Construction Pro Boost presented by P2 Contracting and Ty-Drive will headline the ProStars program. Both classes will compete for $15,000 to win. The Pro Nitrous field includes three-time and reigning world champion Tommy Franklin, four-time world champion Jim Halsey, Chris Rini, Fredy Scriba, Marcus Butner, Mike Achenbach, Cam Clark, and Dane Wood. Pro Boost will feature reigning world champion Jason Harris, Melanie Salemi, Scott Lang, Travis Harvey, Randy Weatherford, Derek Ward, Johnny Camp, and Chuck Ulsch.

PDRA Pro 632, which refers to the commonly used 632-cubic-inch engines used in the class, will also compete at ProStars with $7,500 on the line. The Pro 632 field will include 2022 world champion Amber Franklin, reigning world champion Jeff Melnick, Jason Ventura, Walter Lannigan Jr., Jayme Thompson, Gary Hood, JC Beattie Jr., and Hank Hughes.

The PDRA’s newest classes, Menscer Motorsports Pro Street presented by Afco Racing and Afco Racing Super Street presented by Menscer Motorsports, will make their second ProStars appearance, with Pro Street racing for $5,000 and Super Street competing for $4,000. The four-car fields will include two-time world champion Tim Essick, Joel Wensley Jr., Scott Kincaid, and Ron Green in Pro Street and reigning world champion Blake Denton, Dan Whetstine, Matt Schalow, and Connor McGee in Super Street.

Drivers in the PDRA’s sportsman classes – MagnaFuel Elite Top Sportsman presented by PAR Racing Engines, Laris Motorsports Insurance Elite Top Dragster presented by Greenbrier Excavating & Paving, MagnaFuel Top Sportsman presented by Corbin’s RV, and Laris Motorsports Insurance Top Dragster presented by Younce RV – will get the chance to race for $4,000 per class.

Sportsman drivers in contention are Glenn Butcher, Tim Molnar, Tim Paap, Cheyenne Stanley, Jamie Fowler, Dan Ferguson, Tim Lawrence, and Jeremy Creasman in Elite Top Sportsman; Steve Furr, Michael White, Kyle Harris, Brian Anderson, Frank Falter IV, Kellan Farmer, Russ Whitlock, and Charles J. Careccia in Elite Top Dragster; Chad Traylor, Nick Meloni, Dan Germano, Mark Reese, Robbie Crenshaw, Al Davidowski, Stacy Hall, and Ronnie Proctor in Top Sportsman; and Dickie Smith, Tom Reese, Nick Meloni, Lucas Salemi, Chad Traylor, Troy Williams, Will Creasman, and Rikki Molnar in Top Dragster.

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Finally, close competition will take place in the Jr. Dragster classes, Coolshirt Systems Pro Jr. Dragster presented by Philadelphia Racing Products and Classic Graphix Top Jr. Dragster presented by Philadelphia Racing Products. In Pro Jr. Dragster, Alyssa Tilghman, Ashley Franklin, Carson Hoyle, Danika Miles, Spencer McGee, Alyssa Rabon, Mallory Mattox, and Ryan Harris will fight for the $2,000 prize. Top Jr. Dragster will be a battle for $2,000 featuring Victoria Beaner, James Beattie III, Brayden Crayton, Mandrel Refour, Allen Buczkowski, Will O’Brien, Kylie Varner, and McKenna Halas.

Fields Set for Summit Racing Equipment PDRA ProStars at VMP’s PBR Night of Fire (2)

ProStars competitors will get the chance to make one test pass on Friday night at 9 p.m. starting with Pro Nitrous and Pro Boost. They’ll get one more clocks-off shakedown run on Saturday at 11 a.m. to prepare for eliminations at 5 p.m. Off-track activities include an Alaska Holloway concert at 1 p.m., the PBR Pit Party at 2:30 p.m., PDRA RaceDay live on stage at 3 p.m. followed by driver intros at 3:30 p.m. Opening ceremonies begin at 4:45 p.m. Thrill shows featuring Scott Palmer’s PBR Top Fuel dragsters are scheduled for 6:30 and 9:25 p.m. The Tyler Farr concert will close out the evening at 9:45 p.m.

Tickets for the PBR Night of Fire featuring the fourth annual Summit Racing Equipment PDRA ProStars are available for $40 for adults, $15 for kids 12-15, and $10 for kids 6-11. Kids 5 and under get in free.Tickets can be purchased atwww.RaceVMP.comor at the gate.

Fans at home can watch the full event live on the official livestream

This story was originally published on July 8, 2024. Fields Set for Summit Racing Equipment PDRA ProStars at VMP’s PBR Night of Fire (3)


Fields Set for Summit Racing Equipment PDRA ProStars at VMP’s PBR Night of Fire (2024)
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