Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bavarian Weisskraut * (2024)

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Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bavarian Weisskraut * (1)

by: Gerhild Fulson / Cookbook Author, Blogger, German Oma!

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Looking for an easy braised cabbage recipe? Bayrisches Weisskraut, aka Bavarian white cabbage, is a great recipe that has simple ingredients.

Although sauerkraut is probably the most common cabbage recipe associated with Germany, this easy braised cabbage side dish is a long time favorite among locals in the southern part of Germany.

Not only is this a super simple recipe, but it's a great way to use a head of cabbage, the main ingredient. Usually made with green variety (though in German, it's called white) it can also be made using savoy cabbage, with the end result being a milder taste.

Either way, it's one of the favorite ways to use the humble cabbage.

Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bavarian Weisskraut * (4)

There's a certain sweet/sourness to this braised cabbage dish that's just like eating candy! It really does taste great with almost anything. The seasonings make this dish a traditional German food.

If you like your cabbage a bit tangy, add a touch of vinegar at the end for extra flavor. The resulting sweet-sour taste is one I just love - I remember it so well from my Mutti's kitchen.

This braised cabbage, stemming from the Bavarian region is one that is also loved during the Oktoberfest celebrations. If you're planning on creating your own Oktoberfest party, then include this cabbage dish as one of your sides.

It's a good thing to make it the day ahead, since it really does taste better the next day.

Are There Benefits To Eating Cabbage?

Cabbage is VERY healthy for you and your body in many ways. While it is low in calories, its nutrient profile speaks for itself! It's exceptionally high in vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. It's high in fibre, folate, magnesium and potassium.

When it is fermented, think sauerkraut, it even has natural probiotics. Of course, fresh cabbage is super healthy, think coleslaw!

I can't forget to mention the greatest benefit of is oh-so tasty and inexpensive (a large cabbage goes a long way!), besides being good for you! That's what makes cabbage so wunderbar.

Has this veggie earned its spot on your plate yet?

What is Braising?

Braising, known as schmoren in German, is the method whereby meat or vegetables are first browned over high heat. A small amount of flavorful liquid, such as chicken stock, is added, the pot is covered, and then it's slowly simmered until the meat or vegetables are tender.

In the dish below, browning (or caramelizing) the onions gives such a delicious flavor. Add the cabbage to these browned onions and continue browning the cabbage for a little while. The caramelized cabbage will add such delicious flavors, you'll be absolutely amazed.

How to cut cabbage?

  • After washing the cabbage, remove any loose outer leaves.
  • Cut the bottom part of the stem off.
  • Cut the cabbage in half from top to bottom.
  • Cut the cabbage pieces into into several wedges, again from top to bottom.
  • Cut off the stem and the center core from each piece.
  • Cut the cabbage wedges by placing them cut side down and slicing as thinly or as thickly as desired

For this Weisskraut dish, I don't slice the wedges of cabbage too thinly. We like to have a bit more body to the final dish, as you can see in the photo above.

Lydia Remembers...

I have so many wunderbar memories in the kitchen with my Oma, and have had MANY of her most popular and traditional recipes, like this braised cabbage.

Though this braised green cabbage side dish is not my favorite things (I absolutely LOVE red cabbage though), I still enjoyed making it with Oma from time to time. This recipe is VERY German and very much loved by the rest of my family.

Cabbage is so versatile. It can be served on it's own, served over bratwurst, and even in a salad! Oh, and don't forget to try Oma's red cabbage. It's my absolute fav!

Go to recipe >

But first, try Oma's super German braised cabbage recipe below, add your own little flare to it and enjoy!

Learn a little bit about me,Lydia, and my kitchen adventures with Oma!

What to serve with braised cabbage?

There's very little that doesn't go with braised cabbage, but below are my favorite meats. If you're not wanting meat with this, perhaps making Krautfleckenwith the cabbage would be an interesting alternative.

  • Roast chicken
  • Pork hocks
  • Meat loaf
  • Sausages
  • Pork roast

Oma's Fun Fact:

The caraway seed isn't just in there for flavor!

Did you know that adding caraway seed is a very natural way for helping to reduce the 'gas' problem that seems to follow some people when eating cabbage!

Ready to make this braised cabbage?

Is the recipe below locked?Here'swhy.

Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bavarian Weisskraut * (8)

Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bayrisches Weisskraut

Looking for an easy braised cabbage recipe? Bayrisches Weisskraut, aka Bavarian white cabbage, stems from Bavaria, the home of Oktoberfest in Munich. Although sauerkraut is probably the most commonly associated with Germany, this easy side dish is a long time favorite recipe with locals in the southern part of Germany,

Usually made with green cabbage (though in German, it's called white) it can also be made using savoy cabbage, with the end result being a milder taste. If you're wanting the northern version, try this braised cabbage. It's the one I grew up with.

Prep Time

15 minutes

Cook Time

45 minutes

Total Time

60 minutes


Makes 6 servings



  • 2 - 3 tablespoons olive oil or bacon fat
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 3 tablespoonssugar
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • ½ large green (white) cabbage, coarsely shredded
  • salt, freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon caraway seeds
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar (to taste, optional)


  1. In large skillet or dutch oven, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add onions and brown slightly.
  2. Stir sugar and some of the shredded cabbage. Continue to saute over medium heat until some of the cabbage is browned as well.
  3. Add garlic, caraway seeds, and broth. Stir to scrape up any browned bits at the bottom of the pan. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Bring to boil and lower temperature. Cover and simmer on low heat for about ½ hour or until cabbage is tender, stirring occasionally and adding extra broth or water if needed.
  5. Season with salt, pepper, and vinegar.


  • To thicken sauce, dissolve 1 to 2 tablespoonscornstarch in a bit of cold water. Slowly add just enough to boiling liquid until thickened.
  • Use vegetable broth if you're making this vegan. Water can also be substituted for this.
  • You can substitute with apple cider vinegar, if you wish.
  • You can decrease or increase the cooking time depending on how 'tender' you like the cabbage.
  • Add a bay leaf, if desired.
  • For another great side dish that's from northern Germany,braised cabbage recipe.
  • If you've got a purple cabbage lying around, then here's the absolute best way to make that.

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Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bavarian Weisskraut * (12)

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Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bavarian Weisskraut * (20)

Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe ~ Oma’s Bayrisches Weisskraut

By Oma Gerhild Fulson
Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bavarian Weisskraut * (21)
Make the BEST Bavarian braised cabbage recipe just that’s perfect for Oktoberfest or anytime you’re wanting a traditional German side dish. It’s Weisskraut, just like Oma makes it.

Ingredients: oil,onion,garlic,green cabbage,seasonings,broth,vinegar,

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Best German Braised Cabbage Recipe – Oma’s Bavarian Weisskraut  * (2024)
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